Jessica discovers Louis in Hardman’s office, and he directs several comments to the effect that he has been attempting to make certain Harman’s office is in perfect form for when his return. She apologizes to him for sweeping him off earlier, saying it there was an urgent matter, and offers to hear him out and will be giving him her focused attention. After already choosing to join with Hardman, he informs Jessica curtly that he no longer has the need to speak to her on the matter.

Harvey finds Mike later deep in research and decides to checks in on him. Mike lets Harvey grasp that he did what he asked him to do, it is evident that he is unpleased with Harvey regarding it. Harvey lets Mike know that he knows he was right about dumping Rachel not matter what but Mike says to him that it will never make him in any way a better man. As he leaves, Mike sees a troubled Rachel heading into the elevator, salt in his open wound.

In the last scene of during the episode, Harvey comes in with Jessica’s tea and places it back into her office and lets her recognize that she does not stand alone with her endeavor with Daniel.